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Stripping your car of its paint, rust and body filler can be a tough process. We believe that our Pure Blast system is the ideal solution for getting your project paint ready. Ideal for Cars, Bikes, Motorbike, Alloy Wheels & Engines.

Dustless Blasting is considerably faster than sand or soda blasting and the use of water prevents heat from warping the materials.  Glass and chrome can still be damaged so it’s imperative that those pieces are either removed or thoroughly covered prior to the blast date.

It’s recommended to wash down the vehicle thoroughly with water that contains a rust inhibiting chemical. These additives prevents flash rust that is caused by the blasting process.


If requested Pure Blast can apply a Rust-Inhibiting coat to your vehicle. This will allow for approximately a 48-72 hour window in which you will need to prime the metal before it begins to show signs of surface rust again. This window maybe slightly shorter or longer depending on variables such as where the vehicle is stored; we recommend storing it indoors and in a dry environment.

Get in touch for more information and to find out what Pure Blast can do for you.  You can email us at info@pureblast.co.uk or call on 07545502130