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Vapor Blasting, Is it dustless?


You may have read or have been told that dustless/vapor blasting produces no dust or is dust free.

It is indeed true that dustless blasting significantly reduces the spray of harmful materials and is a lot safe than traditional methods such as sandblasting.However, operating under the normal circumstance, it would be near impossible for any dustless blasting system to be truly dustless.

Studies have shown that vapor/dustless blasting will supresses abrasive materials at the rate of 92% and any site calming to be truly dustless could be misleading you. That is why we do not advertise our Pure Blast System as dustless but instead near dustless.

So where does the dust come from?

Particles caused from the blasting process are broken down so much so that they lack the mass that is needed to encapsulate them with the water. This allows some of the blast media to escape with the air turbulence caused from the blast. In addition, it is also possible for a small subset of particles to break away from the dry interior completely escaping the water.

What are the Health Risks?

Because people believe that vapor blasting is dustless they will often ovoid using the proper equipment and breathing apparatus. This could result in the inhalation of harmful toxins especially if they are blasting with silica and sand.

Pure blast will always insure that the blasting area is sufficiently isolated and the correct martials / equipment are being used to reduces the risk of contamination.