Frequently asked questions

How Does Dustless Blasting Work?

It is a simple principle behind Dustless Blasting. It works by combining water and abrasive materials. Sometimes referred to as Wet or vapour Blasting. This increase the impact of the blast due to the high mass and energy, at the same time eradicating dust and cleans the surface.

How Much Wll it cost?

The price will vary depending on the Job but we guarantee you won’t find a cheaper, faster and more effective method than traditional sandblasting. We will save you Money! Call us now on 07545502130

Why Use Pure Blast?

As Industry leaders we have many trained professionals coupled with a wealth of knowledge. contact us today for information and an obligation free quote.

Can The Material Warp?

Because our dustless blasting is water based there is no heat produced by the friction of the abrasive. Warping will only occur when the material heats up due to friction from dry abrasive. The temperature of the material being blasted will stall very low, usually around 10º from ambient

What Locations Do You Cover?

Our mobile basters can cover most areas across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and west Sussex.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the size of your project, what needs to be blasted or cleaned and the type of surface. Contact us with your requirements and we will be glad to help and give you a obligation free quote.

Is There Mess Left behind?

No Mess, Dustless Blasting is left very tidy after the blasting has been provided.

Will It Rust?

To Prevent Oxidisation on metal we use a specially formulated rust inhibitor, this will prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours.

Do You Offer Painting Services?

We work closely with other partners who can help with painting services on all sorts of machinery.

What Are The Advantages Over Standard Dry Blasting?

NO Dust Lower Abrasive Consumption Abrasive Flexibility No Warping Less Containment Needed Doesn’t Affect Nearby Workers

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