Brickwork & Stone Blast Cleaning

The very precise system we use at Pureblast is perfect for stripping any unwanted paint or contaminates off brickwork, stonework, patios, render and concrete. 


We use effective but gentle methods when needed for delicate jobs as not to harm any pointing or damage the face of soft bricks and render.


From commercial buildings and stately homes to cleaning that awful oil stain on your driveway we have the system and the know how to get it stripped !  

Fireplace Striping

We specialise in fireplace restoration.  Our blasting equipment is perfect for the removal of grime, lead, bitumen, soot and old paint. We can have your fireplace looking brand-new in no time. All work is fully insured, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Exterior Brickwork & Stone

We are known for our striping and restoration work on buildings. This varies from paint and tarnish removal from a small area of wall to large project work.


Shot and Sandblasting is a cost effective and professional method to prepare a wall for rendering. Completely revealing the original brickwork below.


Our specialists will ensure the correct pressure and abrasive material is chosen. This is to ensure an efficient blasting process leaving a clean, professional finish with no damage to the blast area.


Using our Sand blasting or Dustless blasting methods to strip the exterior building will leave a dramatic improvement to the look of the brickwork, stone or cobbles.

Listed Buildings

When striping old brick, it is vital that the outer skin is protected and not removed in the striping process.


The correct methods are used to prevent the brick becoming exposed which can damage not only the appearance of the brick but the structural integrity.


With our modern blasting equipment, we can use low pressure and non-invasive medial to safeguard the bricks.

Floor Blasting

If your concrete floor needs cleaning or preparing, our blasting equipment is perfect for the job.


We can effectively and quickly remove dirt, coatings and lines leaving your concrete floor clean and ready for a resin coating.


Our equipment can blast indoor and outdoor floors. No job is too big or to small.

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